Our company has accumulated significant experience in recent years in the below mentioned activities:
  • Transport

  • Shipping

  • Logistics

  • Packaging

  • Consultancy

  • Dangeruos goods safety advising


The company has been working for many years with transport service-providing companies together in cooperative relationship, it secures the esteemed Order donors the satisfaction of their claims

These are:

  • International and domestic transport, transportation, MRP, warehousing and customs clearance.

  • Transport of dangerous goods with the help of planners and experts who are over the ADR requirements in mind.

  • Organizing transport of special and oversized goods, facilities in the technological order shall.

  • Furniture Transport

  • German-English-French dispatcher around the clock.

  • Crane hire

  • Part loads export / import


In addition, we expect our partners to ensure that their companies achieve the ISO standards, and our employees to continuous learning. We offer our esteemed Order of our donors, the ad space vehicles, particularly those in search of the technology of manufacturing and warehousing judging work, constant contact with our mission donors, drivers of vehicles and our company.